Change is a comfort experience

28 Mai 2020

Novelty, change, transformation: dynamics that are today involved in all aspects of our life, habits, work, family, social relationships and of course, our domestic environment. Our time spent at home during lockdown has revolutionised many things, such as the way we use our sofa.

As an object of desire, relaxation and even contention, the sofa has always been one of the protagonists of domestic life and in recent weeks it has become the centre of most of our activities. Sleeping, working, studying, eating, training, playing – the sofa has always had a thousand uses and today it has even more.

Choosing the right new sofa therefore has become even more important when trying to satisfy our desires for comfort, especially when combing those existing desires with those we have recently discovered.


Calia Italia’s Quint’Essènza sofa (a model from the Superior Collection) is both sober and elegant and ‘sitting’ on it is only one of the possibilities. Thanks to its technical features and avant-garde design, Quint’Essènza is designed to offer its comfort experience alone or in company. The sofa has a special mechanism that allows the back cushion to be raised to increase its height and its seat can reach a depth of 38 cm, transforming it into a true day bed.


Colourful and iconic, Hip Hop is the symbol of the ‘Modular Collection’ and it is a sofa that offers infinite composition possibilities. Thanks to the variety of colours available, it can perfectly match the style and character of anyone who chooses it. More than this, its particular shape makes it unique both from an aesthetic and ergonomic point of view. Completed with a soft cushion, the silhouette of the sofa gives life to a smooth curve that joins the seat and backrest whilst welcoming the body. Hip Hop is a model for those who want to position and experience a sofa with maximum freedom.


As a prominent item from our ‘Premium Collection’, Romeo Relax offers a linear and elegant model with great visual impact. Thanks to the touchpad next to the armrest, Romeo Relax allows you to electrically lift the footrest and headrest. This sofa is also available in a ‘Home Theatre’ version, with a semi-circular layout that recreates that cinematic view. What is more is that it also includes and a wide range of accessories to make this comfort experience even more intense, including armrest separators, adjustable LED lights, cup holders and a storage compartment.


From the ‘Superior Collection’, Matheola is a large and welcoming sofa that makes those special family moments even more special. By allowing you to increase the depth of the seat and height of the backrest, you can create enough space for adults and children – creating a comfort experience that involves everyone.

Since we have new habits, now is the right time to change sofa – because changing is also a comfort experience!