Dormeuse. When comfort meets elegance.

27 August 2020

The ancient Romans called it a ‘triclinium’ and today we call it a chaise-lounge. Yet its essence has always been the same – a complement of design and comfort with timeless elegance.

The chaise-lounge boasts a glorious past, during which it was the real centre of family life. Lying on its soft cushions, the Romans enjoyed long and lavish meals whilst also watching shows and various forms of entertainment. 

The long history of the chaise-lounge has seen it evolve over time and acquire a different style for each era, right up until today where it is perfectly in line with our contemporary lifestyle.

The chaise-lounge is a unique furnishing accessory and was created by combining a sofa and armchair, which can be used in different ways thanks to its versatility.

Contemporary chaise-lounges are highly coveted as they have the ability to conquer every room of the house. This is true whether you choose a model with soft lines or one designed to represent an oasis of relaxation in contrast to the rest of the furniture.

One thing is certain – the comfort experience of the chaise-lounge, began by the ancient Romans, is more relevant today than ever.

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