Fabric sofas, characteristics and styles

2 September 2020

Calia Italia has always used fine fabrics, selecting the best raw materials from the most qualified suppliers whilst paying particular attention to new trends – Made in Italy.

First among the natural fabrics is linen. Endowed with a sober elegance and extremely refined, it gives any sofa a well-kept and at the same time lived-in look. Moreover, it stands out for its incredible resistance over time.

Secondly, is cotton, a very popular and much loved fabric that is pleasant to the touch and a source of freshness and cleanliness. It is in fact a breathable fabric and as such is the most suitable for skin contact. Indeed, sitting on a sofa covered in cotton is in fact a real experience of comfort, especially during the summer.

Velvet has always been synonymous with luxury and is known for the elegance of its darker shades, such as blue or burgundy. However, the latest trends are seeing a growing interest in velvet sofas in pastel shades, such as lilac and pink or bright shades, such as green, electric blue and yellow. Whichever colour you prefer, velvet is a fabric with a texture that is already a comfort experience in itself.

Finally, among the non-natural coverings, we find microfibre, which is extremely resistant and breathable.

All the fabrics used by Calia Italia have some essential properties that make high quality sofas. They do not crease and are highly resistant to friction and to ultraviolet and infrared rays. These are characteristics that guarantee remarkable wearability and high adaptability to any shape and design.

Once selected, the fabrics that arrive in the company are subjected to specific laboratory tests that certify the resistance of the colour and textile materials to different alteration agents, including: light, water, domestic washing and solvents.

A team of upholsterers, who model the upholstery on each sofa and have the privilege of being the first to see the fruit of the combined efforts of the entire supply chain, is entrusted with the very first quality control. It is precisely their know-how that guarantees the excellence of Calia Italia products.

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