Superior – A collection by Calia Italia

4 September 2020

To make people feel good and to take care of the person. This is the mission of Calia Italiathe deepest essence that animates the work of a company dedicated to excellence.

Calia Italia sofas are entirely made in Italy and are created with a deep research of materials, design and innovation, in order to meet the needs of consumers who pay attention to quality, functionality and the aesthetics of a product.

Calia Italia has divided its models into three collections, each of which meets very precise criteria. These range from the genesis of the product to its tangible characteristics and from the philosophy with which the sofa is created to the comfort it is able to give.

With the ‘Superior CollectionCalia Italia launches a new concept of style. The models in this collection are true design complements that arise from the union of worlds, stimuli and inspirations of a different nature. They are collaborations with external designers, the realisation of projects of a social nature, participation in cultural events and synergy with universities. Each sofa has its own style and each style has its own history. The result is a unique comfort experience.

One of the characteristics that distinguishes Calia Italia models is the careful and meticulous craftsmanship and this is exemplified in this sense by the ‘Belle Epoque’ from the ‘Superior Collection’. It is a sofa embellished with elegant capitonné workmanship that is entirely handmade. Its refinement is also underlined by the design of the feet, which have been designed specifically for this model.

Calia Italia is passionately committed to handing down and passing on skills whilst at the same time always being open to new stimuli, hence the collaborations with external designers. These collaborations have given rise to creations such as ‘Quint’Essènza‘, a sofa designed by architect Saverio Calia and Daniele Della Porta. Modern and extremely elegant, sober and rigorous, ‘Quint’Essènza’ is an open base model that rests on slender, shaped feet in polished metal. Characterised by a thin side covered in regenerated leather, ‘Quint’Essènza’ also has a special mechanism that allows the back cushion to be raised to increase its height while the seat can increase its depth by as much as 38 cm, transforming it into an actual day bed.

Another model belonging to the ‘Superior Collection’ by Calia Italia is ‘Genius Loci‘, a sofa with an essential and light line that is characterised by a thin armrest and slim foot. Like ‘Quint’Essènza’, ‘Genius Loci’ also allows for an increase in seat depth and backrest height.

The ‘Superior Collection’ from Calia Italia includes sofas, armchairs and footstools. Discover it here!