Calia Italia sofas: verification and control

11 Februar 2021

Each phase of the manufacture of a Calia Italia sofa is subject to strict controls that verify the conformity of the product, the technical specifications of design and what is stated in the order confirmation.

In fact, in the entire process of making a Calia Italia sofa, nothing is left to chance. Every day the Calia Italia Study Centre carries out research that starts with materials and moves through a series of checks and controls that involve all phases of the production chain.

There is one key example of this. The raw materials, already in the acceptance phase, are subjected to quantitative and qualitative checks that cover coverings, bases, padding, bed bases, mattresses and drums. For leathers and fabrics, the colour, size, thickness, resistance, weight and integrity are also checked.

During all stages of product processing, the craftsmen in each department make sure that the work is done in a workmanlike manner. Subsequently, the Quality Control managers certify the perfect conformity of the finished product to the technical specifications of the initial project.

To this end, each sofa and armchair is subjected to strict and rigorous controls involving the general appearance, structure, seams, upholstery, padding, nets, feet, accessories, and backcloth.

Care, attention and constant commitment – this is the best demonstration that Calia Italia can offer to guarantee the satisfaction of its customers.

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