Ergonomics: The Science of Comfort

5 Februar 2021

When designing furniture that aims to give comfort and wellbeing to customers, knowledge and an application of ergonomic principles is essential.

Ergonomics is a science that studies the interactions between human beings, objects and their functions with an aim to raise the standards of these relationships and achieve maximum results.

Calia Italia sofas are made in compliance with these ergonomic laws. For example, they establish the right ratio between length, height and depth in relation to the proportions of the human body and the most common postures. In fact, these principles are considered right from the beginning of the ‘conception and design’ phase during the creation of a Calia Italia sofa.

Let’s take a look at some of the models found in the Calia Italia Collections that are true examples of the application of ergonomic principles in design.

One of the best known is undoubtedly the Hip Hop, our best seller in the ‘Modular Collection’. Its design has a special shape that makes it unique both aesthetically and ergonomically. Indeed the silhouette of the sofa creates a soft curve that joins the seat and lumbar support, therefore accommodating the body. It is completed with a soft cushion.

Part of the ‘Superior Collection’, Matheola is a good example of ergonomic design that is characterised by a wide and comfortable seat. This sofa lets you increase its depth, as well as the height of the backrest, through a mechanism that repositions the backrest towards the rear.

Also in the ‘Superior Collection’ you can find armchairs and footstools, such as Jacob, an armchair of unparalleled comfort. Jacob is inspired by the classic style of bergère reading chairs – reinterpreted through Calia Italia design.

Continuing the theme of armchairs, but this time in the ‘Premium Collection’, we have Deliziosa. This model is characterised by a comfortable and embracing seat that (thanks to its slightly inclined backrest) guarantees an ergonomic position.

Last but not least, we have Romeo Relax– one of our best-known models in the ‘Premium Collection’.

With a name that says it all, Romeo Relax is a sofa equipped with recliners that allow you to extend the footrest and headrest, which can be raised electrically thanks to the touch pad located next to the armrest. The sequential mechanism allows you to operate the backrest and footrest and find the perfect TV position to enjoy your screen in full comfort.

Ergonomic design, craftsmanship and comfort experience. Discover the Calia Italia sofa collections!