Feel like revamping your sofa? Here are all the tips!

14 April 2021

Renovating the style of your sofa can be just the ticket for giving your living room a new look. Don’t worry about overdoing it – sometimes all you need is to know a few little secrets!

How to transform your old sofa without replacing it: Tips on how to update it

Can you change your sofa without buying a new one? Changing the style of home furnishing is a common need as fashions follow one after another, personal tastes evolve and sometimes you may simply be fed up with seeing your home always looking the same. However, people often think that in order to renovate, you need to get rid of the furniture and furnishings in the living room, when in fact, you could just simply give them a more contemporary touch. In particular, giving your old sofa a makeover with a few tricks will allow you both to remedy the wear and tear caused by use and to transform your living room with little effort – all without having to change the rest of the furniture.

Your sofa as good as new: Change the upholstery!

If you have a sofa with a removable cover, one of the easiest ways to transform its look is to change its cover. If you want to give a more glamorous touch to your home or give more character to your furniture, you might choose a covering for your sofa in a different colour from the previous one, focusing on the current on-trend colours. You can even change the type of material also.

calia italia divano johnny

Modular sofa? Change its layout!

As we all know, modular models tend to lend themselves well to new customised layouts. So, if you get bored of your current sofa, you can simply change the layout of the modules and create an essentially new and unique piece of furniture. On the other hand, if you have a fixed sofa (linear or angular), you might try changing its position in the living room. It really can take very little to completely renew your furniture!

calia italia divano alicudi

Sayyes to cushions, throws and rugs

How do you renovate an old sofa? Well, like before, apart from upholstering it all you need to do is use a bit of creativity and follow your personal taste. For example, to give an elegant and contemporary touch to your home environment you might consider focusing on large coloured cushions and throws with which to decorate your sofa. Perhaps you might even add a modern rug next to your furniture as well. Playing with modern and antique contrasts is a bold choice… but it’s (almost) always a winner!  

New look for your sofa? All you need is a footstool!

When space isn’t really an issue, adding a small piece of furniture can make all the difference. An example? Matching your sofa with a footstool, which is not only elegant and comfortable but also offers an extra seat. Indeed, this approach can completely change the style of your living area.

calia italia pouf ustrozz

To understand how much difference a footstool can make, you can find inspiration among the Calia Italia footstools. This collection offers highly versatile design complements that adapt to different styles and can give a touch of novelty to your environment. One example is U’Strozz, an eco-sustainable footstool by Calia Italia made with production waste.

“Technological” sofas: A solution to change your look with ease

If you find yourself permanently changing your sofa, you should already be thinking about a model that is easily convertible when you feel like changing your look or enjoying a more comfortable experience.

calia italia divano romeo relax

For example, The Romeo Relax model by Calia Italia, is equipped with recliners that allow you to extend the footrest and headrest, which can be raised electrically thanks to a touch pad located next to the armrest. The mechanism opens in a sequential manner giving you the possibility to adjust the backrest and footrest and find that perfect TV position that allows you to enjoy what’s on your screen in full comfort. What a unique way to have a different and very comfortable sofa according to your needs.