Leather sofas: everything you need to know about a timeless classic

10 Juni 2021

Leather sofas are enduring pieces of furniture that can adapt to many types of decor… but what types are there? How do you choose between them? And above all, how should they be maintained?

Leather sofas: all you need to know about a timeless classic

When choosing a sofa for your home, you should always consider a leather model since they are elegant and timeless – and can adapt to all styles, from the most classic to the most contemporary. What’s more, they are resistant to the test of time. In short, a leather sofa is not only a must-have piece of furniture but also an excellent investment. However, to avoid any mistakes in choosing, we must also consider the types and characteristics of the various leather sofas out there. Which colour and style will best matches our other furnishings? How can we clean and maintain them to prevent damage?

How to choose a leather sofa: characteristics and types of leather sofas

If you are trying to understand how to choose the most suitable leather sofa for your living area, the first thing to know is that there are various types of leather, each of which has particular characteristics. Among the quality leathers (with which all Calia Italia sofas are made) there are:

  • Protected grain leathers, which are subjected to a process that makes the surface regular and resistant.
  • Full grain leathers, which are obtained from selected coats. Their surface is covered by a light protective layer that preserves and protects their natural beauty. With this type of leather, the presence of signs such as scars, differences in grain, wrinkles, veins and differences in colour shades are proof of the leather’s absolute authenticity.

Leather sofa colours and models: which to choose according to style and decor

Once the type of leather has been chosen, leather sofas can be  made as angular or linear models that have two or more seats. They can also come with a chaise-longe and are available in various colours and styles. Depending on your furniture and personal taste, here are some different styles of leather sofa models to consider:

calia italia divano belle epoque

Classic style. These types of leather sofas are perfectly suited to living rooms or environments furnished in a classic style. An example is the ‘Belle Epoque’ by Calia Italia, entirely worked in capitonné with the exception of the seat which is embellished with a decorative border. It is a refined and luxurious model, a true lover of passionate conversations, which welcomes you into all its elegance by giving a comfort experience perfect in every detail.

calia italia divano elisir

Contemporary style. Some people think that leather sofas are out of place in more contemporary environments but this is a false belief. First of all, you can play on the contrast between a leather sofa and modern furniture to give character, elegance and warmth to your living area. Moreover, there are models with contemporary lines such as ‘Elisir’ by Calia Italia that play on the contrast between soft shapes and thin and rigorous feet. This model is also equipped with a mechanism placed inside the back that allows you to increase its height thereby transforming its elegance into an experience of comfort.

calia italia divano venere

Vintage style. If you like the idea of incorporating a vintage-style piece of furniture into your living room, you can opt for a linear two-seater leather sofa with a nod to the 1950s or 1960s. One example is the ‘Venere’ model by Calia Italia, with its essential lines and thin, enveloping structure that houses soft cushions for an experience of pure comfort.

calia italia divano romeo

Scandinavian style. One of the most popular styles in recent years is the Scandinavian style, which is characterised by simple, linear and functional forms. If you like this style, we recommend the ‘Romeo’ model by Calia Italia. This model has a linear design and is suspended on polished steel bases (also available in a wood finish) which, rising up to the armrest, become a strong decorative element. This sofa is also equipped with a liftable headrest that guarantees optimal comfort by increasing the height of the backrest when operated.

How to clean a leather sofa: all the secrets to maintain them

Leather sofas are very resistant and maintaining them is rather simple, as long as you are careful not scratch or stain them. Generally, it is sufficient to dust them regularly and occasionally clean them with a soft cloth, taking care not to rub. In case of stains, you can try using a cloth or blotting paper, but if the stains are stubborn, you will need to seek specialist assistance. The same applies to scratches. Leather sofas are therefore not recommended if there are dogs or cats in the house, or small children who like to eat, sit and play on the sofa.

Visit the Calia Italia website section dedicated to leather upholstery: https://www.caliaitalia.com/en/info-center/calia-italia-leather