7 sofa/armchair combinations to follow

18 Oktober 2022

Sofas and armchairs are two complementary and indispensable pieces of furniture in our homes. But how should they be matched?

Matching sofas and armchairs: how to choose

Why settle for just a sofa when you can have both a sofa and one or more armchairs? In addition to providing a great comfort experience, these two pieces of furniture can be the undisputed stars of your living room and give the right touch of class and character to the décor.

However, the problem is often figuring out how to match an armchair and sofa, especially if you want to get away from the classic approach where the sofa and armchair are exactly the same model. Here are 7 original combinations to make your living room unique!

Opposites attract: matching the ‘Foster’ sofa and the ‘Norman’ armchair

A bold and high-impact combination can be achieved by playing on contrasts, which can be chromatic (e.g. by focusing on complementary colours) but also stylistic.

One example is the combination of the ‘Foster’ sofa and the ‘Norman’ armchair by Calia Italia. The Foster is a very large sofa with a high quality, natural leather covering. It is a solid model, suitable for those who love sobriety but do not want to renounce appearance. To counterbalance the Foster’s well-defined volumes and create an alternation of solids and voids, the perfect match is the Norman armchair, which (unlike the ‘Foster’) has an essential and light form and shows all its frame through a tubular metal structure that inclines forward.

In the name of versatility: matching the ‘Gianduiotto’ sofa and the ‘Milla’ armchair

If the combination of opposites doesn’t suit your taste or isn’t suitable for the décor of your home, you might think about going for two different models from the same collection.

For example, it is possible to combine the ‘Gianduiotto’ sofa with the ‘Milla’ armchair as they both belong to Calia Italia’s ‘Gourmandise’ collection and are both versatile and multifaceted.

The ‘Gianduiotto’ sofa has a freely positionable back as well as armrests that allow for multiple seating positions, including frontal face-to-face or even lying down. Its open, unstructured nature makes it the ideal centrepiece in your room. 

The ‘Milla’ armchair is characterised by a round, enveloping backrest and a circular seat that combines style and comfort.

Vintage contemporaneity: the ‘Cremino’ sofa and the ‘Drusilla’ armchair

Continuing the theme of different models from the same collection, you could also consider two furnishing accessories that differ in terms of the period of their inspiration.

The ‘Cremino’ sofa (from Calia Italia’s Gourmandise collection) is the contemporary sofa par excellence. Inspired by the melt in your mouth nature of the Piedmontese chocolate from which it takes its name, it is a deconstructed model featuring a modular seat shape and heterogeneous geometries.

To create an elegant contrast, the ‘Cremino’ can be combined with the ‘Drusilla’ armchair (also from the Gourmandise collection) which is strongly inspired by the 1970s. With its elliptical shape, spiked feet and compact dimensions, the ‘Drusilla’ is a conversation armchair characterised by a shallow seat and a cosy backrest that allows you to comfortably rest your arms.

Innovative design: matching the ‘Pralin’ sofa and the ‘Silla’ armchair

Speaking of combinations within the same collection, another winning idea is to focus on the choice of two unique furnishing accessories that both have a ‘wow’ effect.

The ‘Pralin’ sofa and the ‘Silla’ armchair (both from Calia Italia’s Gourmandise collection) are among the most innovative models ever. 

The ‘Pralin’ (inspired by hazelnut praline cream) is a modular, deconstructed sofa par excellence. All its individual elements are removable and rest on the base just like chocolates on a tray. The ‘Pralin’ is the most versatile model in the collection as it can be completely disassembled.

The ‘Silla’ is a surprising model because it is not what you expect in the sense that although its shape is that of a chair, its comfort is that of an armchair. Its backrest is separated from the seat and connected to it by feet that rise externally whilst supporting it. In addition, it is characterised by an embracing design, thanks to its steam-curved plywood frame covered with polyurethane foam.

Same collection, same model – but with originality: matching the ‘Venere’ sofa and the ‘Venere’ armchair

If you want to go classic, you can still go for the same models from the same collection, but you can also add originality by having fun choosing two different types of upholstery (e.g. a fabric sofa and a leather armchair) or by varying the shapes and sizes.

One example is the ‘Venere’ sofa and armchair, which both belong to Calia Italia’s ‘Mater Familias’ collection and represent the most essential models in this line.

This sofa has a slim, embracing structure and accommodates soft cushions for experiences of pure comfort even in the smallest environments. The ‘Venere’ armchair echoes this taste by presenting the sofa’s slim, cosy structure and soft seat cushion. 

Structure and compactness: combining the ‘Dragées’ sofa and the ‘Milla’ armchair with visible feet

Returning to different models in the same collection, the ‘Milla’ armchair (already described above but in its version with visible feet this time) can also go well with another sofa from Calia Italia’s ‘Gourmandise’ collection, the ‘Dragées’.

In this case, the idea of compactness prevails with the ‘Dragées’ (from the French word for ‘confetti’) and it is the more structured variant of the ‘Gianduiotto’. While taking its cue from its backrests and armrests, the ‘Dragées’ customises them by increasing their height to promote a more composed and supported comfort.  

Instead the ‘Milla’ armchair, is nicely compact and features a rounded, wrap-around back to suit all types of environments.

Same workmanship on the seat: a combination of the ‘Zip’ sofa and the ‘Gerrit’ armchair

Finally, if you love details and want these to make the difference, you can combine a sofa and armchair by choosing from models with the same type of workmanship. This can be a very elegant choice.

Among Calia Italia’s models, the perfect match of this type is between the ‘Zip’ sofa and the ‘Gerrit’ armchair, which both feature the same ‘quilted’ workmanship on the seat.

The ‘Zip’ is a modular sofa with a soft, rounded look on the side, while the fabric upholstery makes it versatile for any environment.

Generous and cosy, the ‘Gerrit’ is a modern interpretation of a classic reading chair that is both new and familiar at the same time.