Calia Italia at the Belgrade Fair 2022: What to know about the models displayed

14 November 2022

 Calia Italia goes international (again)! Last week the Matera-based company has joined the exhibitors at the Belgrade furniture and design fair.

Belgrade Fair: the most important furniture and design event in Eastern Europe

November 8th saw the start of the Belgrade 2022 Fair, one of the most important furniture, design and furnishings exhibitions in Eastern Europe. Running until 13th November, the fair has returned to reaffirm its international standing after a two-year pause due to the pandemic. The event has been attended by industry entrepreneurs, buyers, architects and renowned designers, as well as emerging designers, to whom a specific area is dedicated.
Among the exhibitors is also Calia Italia, which has brought some of its most innovative and contemporary models to the fair.

Calia Italia at the Belgrade Fair 2022: all displayed models

For this year’s Belgrade Fair, Calia Italia chose to bring some models from one of its most elegant and innovative collections, the ‘Gourmandise Collection’. One of the sofas which has been displayed is the ‘Gianduiotto’, an open and deconstructed model, with backrests and armrests inspired by the famous chocolate that is designed to be freely positionable and allow multiple seating positions.

From the same Collection, we also have the elegant Dragées model, a more structured version of the ‘Gianduiotto' that favours a more composed and sustained comfort. Then there’s the ‘Gianduia’ sofa, with its generous and rounded volumes, inspired by the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate and hazelnut cream.

Finally, we’re presenting the ‘Pralin’ model, the deconstructed and modular sofa par excellence.

In addition to these models, Calia Italia has also exhibited its bestsellers. First up is the ‘Toby Wing’, the ‘sofa with wings', with backrests and adjustable armrests that allow the seat to be extended considerably to make the sofa an actual day-bed.

We also featured ‘Romeo’, a sofa with a linear, sober and elegant design that is capable of becoming the absolute star of your home and finally there’s also ‘U’Strozz', the eco-sustainable footstool that is made by hand from production waste. 

At the fair, it has been also admired ‘Regal_e’, one of Calia Italia’s new products. With its imposing, soft and sinuous contours, this sofa takes us back to the 1970s, while also maintaining a contemporary twist. Featuring manually liftable backrests and electric leg rests, ‘Regal_e’ is capable of providing a high level comfort experience.