Calia Italia at ‘Sonic Park Festival 2023’

20 July 2023

Calia Italia is Technical Partner of the most important musical event of the summer season in Basilicata – where fans can look forward to both Italian and foreign super stars such as Mika, Placebo and Articolo 31.

Having only taken a few years to become one of the must-go events of the musical summer, the ‘Sonic Park Festival’ taking place these days at ‘Cava del Sole’, Matera, confirms its status as a cult event also for 2023. With the likes of Mika, Placebo, Lazza, Sfera Ebbasta, Tananai, Articolo 31, Gianni Morandi and former Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, this dazzling billboard will liven up the summer for fans of the most diverse genres. Calia Italia confirms itself as ‘Techical Partner’ of the event with its own models of armchairs and sofas that furnish the backstage of the festival with the aim of giving maximum comfort backstage to all the artists and their management.

Calia Italia and ‘Sonic Park Matera’ – a winning combination

In a uniquely evocative location such as ‘Cava del Sole’, Calia Italia is once again proud to present some of our best pieces of furniture from our rich catalogue at ‘Sonic Park Festival’ 2023. Among the models offering all the relaxation and hospitality that the stars will need are those from the ‘Gourmandise’ collection, such as the very elegant ‘Gianduiotto Jr’ and ‘Dragees’ sofas along with the ‘Milla’ armchair with its unmistakable seventies style. These models captivate with their high quality design and innovative style that definitely doesn’t forget to offer a totally relaxing experience thanks to its comfortable upholstery.

Thanks to our innovative design models and our certified comfort of padding and upholstery made of high quality materials, Calia Italia has been confirmed again this year as a technical partner of the event. Our Matera company is proud to take care of the backstage and dressing room set-up for the 2023 edition of the 'Sonic Park Festival’ and we’re making some of our best pieces available to those present. Our products can only enhance the incomparable beauty of a location such as ‘Cava del Sole’, a place of origin for our city where as early as 1600, the people of Matera began to dig by hand the blocks of ‘tuffo’ (limestone) to build the city we know today. It’s a place that has always inspired the work of Calia Italia and makes this music festival and our company a winning combination, all in the name of Matera and its beauty –  a beauty that has been hidden for too long.

All Calia Italia models at Sonic Park

Calia Italia armchairs and sofas are placed in all the backstage areas of the ‘Sonic Park Festival’, from the management offices to the VIP relaxation area, and of course the dressing rooms of all the Italian and foreign singers that make up the 2023 line-up. In addition to the already mentioned sofas, the ‘Gourmandise collection’ also includes the ‘Mater Familias’ Day Bed. ‘Mater Familias’ is a collection dedicated to the role of women and the culture of Matera, and the Day Bed was its first model created as part of ‘Architecture of Shame’. This project was created for ‘Matera European Capital of Culture 2019’ with the aim of portraying the rehabilitation from shame of life in the Sassi. It’s therefore an iconic model that represents the company’s bond with its city.

Finally, to provide comfort to the artists of the ‘Sonic Park Festival’ there will also be the ‘Madame G’ armchair, a model based on the ‘Giuggiola’ armchair but one that stands out for its more international character. Indeed, if the ‘Giuggiola’ can be defined as an ‘Italian Lady’, ‘Madame G’ represents its French version and is an expression of ‘Made in Italy’ in the world.

By including classic or innovative models, in standard size or with extendable seating for maximum relaxation, Calia Italia wanted to give a taste of its catalogue by confirming itself as an ideal partner for large events. A partner who now presents at festivals and shows organised throughout Italy and provides the highest level of wellbeing before, during and after performances. ‘The only comfort you need’ is the Calia Italia business card and the artists at the ‘Sonic Park Festival’ in Matera at the ‘Cava del Sole’ now know that these are not just words.