Calia Italia and Gezziamoci 2023 together for a winning summer

3 August 2023

Calia Italia has been chosen as a sponsor of the event that is bringing jazz music to several towns in Lucania.

Bringing the expressive beauty of jazz music to the charm of Matera’s most fascinating places, ‘Gezziamoci 2023’, which started on 15 July, brings great performers to various locations in the city until 27 August for a sort of summer spin-off of the festival that will stop in various Lucanian destinations. Like other festivals and cultural events organised outside of the region, Calia Italia has been chosen as a sponsor with some of its best-known models to offer moments of relaxation with armchairs and sofas to all those present during the event.

Calia Italia models at ‘Gezziamoci’

More than 25 years of activity have made ‘Gezziamoci’ a powerful vehicle for promoting the touristic image of Basilicata, allowing visitors from all over Italy to discover some of its most beautiful locations. In Matera, the Festival venues are TAM - Tower Art Museum, Le Monacelle Foundation and Hotel Del Campo. 

Calia Italia will be present, with its models from its rich catalogue, in each of these locations: the ‘Giuggiola’ armchair (inspired by the hairstyles of Lucanian women to pay homage to their strength and vitality) and the ‘U’Strozz’ footstool, a furnishing accessory made of eco-friendly material that takes its name from the Lucanian dialect for ‘rags’ – precisely because the footstool is made from production waste. 

For an event such as ‘Gezziamoci 2023’, which aims to re-evaluate and enhance the traditions of the Lucanian region, Calia Italia will therefore propose models from the various collections in its catalogue that draw direct inspiration from the territory both in terms of conception and design and in the choice of materials for padding and upholstery.  Research in the field has always led Calia Italia to achieve high quality standards in the final product realisation, thus succeeding in offering furnishing items that combine tradition and innovation. Such products include ‘Giuggiola’ and ‘U’Strozz’ that the artists and all the staff present at ‘Gezziamoci 2023’ will be able to appreciate behind the scenes of the travelling exhibition.

Calia Italia leads in the world of culture and entertainment

As ever, Calia Italia maintains its 360-degree cultural focus, which makes the company a leader not only at national and international trade fairs in the sector (from Milan to Paris and the United States), but also at various exhibitions and events in the Lucania region and even popular television programmes such as X Factor. At all these shows, the company is present with armchairs, comfortable footstools, and cosy sofas to furnish and create comfortable moments of relaxation during each event.

In the coming years, Calia Italia intends to continue along this path. We’ll continue to offer the latest additions from our catalogue and the ‘old classics’ of our various collections while adorning stages and backstage and becoming a promotional vehicle for the Lucania region itself, which is an integral part of the company’s identity.