How to tell when a sofa is comfortable: a practical guide

22 mars 2023

What’s the most important thing for a sofa? To guarantee a high level of comfort experience! But how can we be sure that the sofa we choose will be comfortable?

How to choose a comfortable sofa

Form, upholstery, style and colour are all important aspects when choosing a sofa, but what trumps everything else is that a good sofa can’t forget about one fundamental characteristic: comfort. The true essence of a sofa is to guarantee the maximum comfort experience and at the end of a working day, when we want to rest or relax or watch a film, read a book or have a chat, we want our furnishing accessory to be able to cradle us and make us feel good. 

However, we can’t always take the comfort of a sofa for granted. Indeed ‘comfort’ is created by a mix of factors that have to do with both the materials and the way the sofa is made and also people’s characteristics and preferences. So how do you choose a comfortable sofa that suits everyone’s personal needs?

Comfortable sofas and how to find one: features to consider when buying

There are many characteristics to a sofa that we should consider in order to understand how comfortable it will be. The first definitely concerns the material used to make the seat and Calia Italia sofas have padding with differentiated density that are covered with resilient layers and are capable of providing an optimal comfort experience. 

The ergonomics of a sofa are also important. Indeed Calia Italia sofas are made in compliance with the laws of ergonomics and take into account the right ratio between seat and backrest, with the intention of satisfying the comfort needs of each user.

For instance, The ‘Toby Wing’ model (one of our brand’s bestsellers) can also be transformed into a day-bed thanks to its sliding armrests and backrests. Its backrest allows the seat depth to be extended by a good 42 centimetres, while the armrest increases the seat width by a good 25 centimetres.

Another common feature of good quality sofas is the fact that they are comfortable, both in form and in seating, without this meaning sinking into the sofa or assuming incorrect positions and postures.

‘Daisy’ by Calia Italia is one such example. With its soft and playful shapes this model is inspired by marshmallows and it’s an excellent sofa for couples who want to share moments of cuddling and tenderness.

The size of the sofa also contributes to its comfort and for those wanting to take naps on the sofa or wishing to share moments together with the whole family, width and depth are important factors to consider.

From a space point of view, ‘Matheola’ is one of Calia Italia’s most generous models and is perfect for those who want to enjoy a great comfort experience with their family. Its wide and cosy seat allows its depth to be increased (as well as the height of the backrest) by means of a mechanism that repositions the backrest towards the rear.

Turning instead to sofa beds, these must not only have a comfortable seat and an easy opening and closing system, but it is important that they are equipped with a mattress that is thick enough to make the sofa comfortable even when using at night. This is why we recommend ‘Quadra’ by Calia Italia, which is a rigorous and linear sofa and in its bed version comes equipped with a very comfortable mattress.