We are here. Today more than ever

11 марта 2020

At such a delicate moment for everyone, we all, quite rightly, have many questions. That’s why we want to reassure you that we are here and operational – today more than ever! We will continue to guarantee the attention to detail and quality that has always distinguished our work and we want you to know that our passion, our commitment and our enthusiasm are now even stronger. In fact, we’re proud to be able to tell you that we are here for you and your every need.

In compliance with the requirements of the Italian government to contain and combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus, our company, every day, is committed to maintaining unchanged production, sales and service in Italy and abroad – all in full accordance with the rules to which we must all adhere for the good of our nation. We do this to defend and promote Made in Italy by treasuring one of our founding values: resilience. In other words, the strength that is within each one of us to face difficulties, will give a new impetus to our existence and transform a difficult moment into an opportunity that gives a better start to everything.

We will, of course, spend more time at home now but this will be a way to enjoy our families more. We will also go out less too but this will be an opportunity to spend time on other activities. We may feel like we’re doing less but we’ll soon find out that we’ve learned a lot.

We too wish to support the invitation to stay at home and for this reason we will continue to share the comfort experience with you that today, more than ever, each of us can also experience through our digital channels.

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