Calia Italia nella nuova sede di Möbel Rieger

28 Ottobre 2019

Mobel Rieger is one of the most popular chain of stores in the German design and furniture scenario. The company’s motto – “All you need for a beautiful house”- well communicates its position on the market: solid, strong and highly regarded by consumers.

Born in 1950 as a family-run firm, Mobel Rieger is now a well-established institution with more than 1,500 employees and 11 locations. Its high success is based on four core values: respect for company’s policy, customers’ care, social engagement and social sustainability.

Last born is the Heilbronn store, inaugurated in June: 25 departments in order to give clients the possibility to choose among 30,000 articles with an exclusive service provided by a staff of 250 people.

Here, Mobel Rieger has set up a 200 sq.m. exhibition space only for Calia Italia, where 13 of the best seller models are displayed; like Romeo, Romeo Relax and Elisir or the modular Hip Hop and Fox Trot and also Sandy, Paride, Matheola, Jacob and the iconic footstool U’Strozz. Having reached one of the most important retailers in Germany, represents a huge success both for Calia Italia and for the “Made in Italy” furniture.

Moreover, the store offers two other additional services, such as the Circus Francesco and the restaurant Heilbronnerei; the former is an exclusive playground where skilled entertainers will look after customers’ kids, the latter allows to relax tasting a wide choice of national and international delicatessen.