Calia Italia and X Factor 2021: the models you can admire in the talent show

26 November 2021

X Factor 2021 also aims to ensure maximum comfort for the stars of the talent show and for this reason they have chosen Calia Italia, a company that has always supported young talent. As the founder of the company, Liborio Vincenzo Calia, always says, “You have to take risks in life, you must not be afraid of anything, you have to cultivate your talent”. For X Factor 2021 the company has provided 28 products to ensure the maximum comfort experience in the rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, relaxation room and backstage.

X Factor 2021: Calia Italia supports talent with its products

The X Factor is not just about live performances though. It is also about studying, daily lessons, hard work, moments of relaxation and fun. This is why the contestants of the Sky talent show deserve the utmost comfort during breaks, in the recording studios and during confrontations with the judges.

calia italia per x factor 2021

If you are a fan of the programme and follow the daily updates (also available on the official website) you will certainly have seen a wide variety of sofas, armchairs and footstools in various sizes, colours and coverings as they bring comfort each day to the young singers. All of these products are from Calia Italia and they feature as part of a renewed collaboration with X Factor 2021 that comes from a sharing of the same philosophy that encourages us to spot talent, support it, make it emerge and then make it blossom.

Calia Italia: the models you can admire at X Factor 2021

Calia Italia features in the Sky programme with many of its most iconic and well-known models.

calia italia divano dragees

For instance, there is the ‘Dragées’ sofa (in the 3-seater and 3-seater maxi versions in ice leather) that sees Emma Marrone encouraging her team to give their best and not give up. This extremely elegant model guarantees composed and sustained comfort that is suitable for relaxing… without losing sight of one’s goals. Next to the ‘Dragées’ sofa, we see the ‘Venere’ armchair, which stands out with its slender, enveloping structure.

calia italia divano tango

Meanwhile, the talents of Hell Raton’s team confront each other while sitting comfortably on the modular ‘Tango’ sofa, a model designed to welcome people and encourage conversation. This model combines linear forms and plays with colour and is multifaceted and contemporary – much like the talent sought by Manuelito.

calia italia divano modula

Even the most rockin’ of rockers need comfort and in Manuel Agnelli’s team room we see the contestants having fun and discovering the new assignments for the episode while relaxing on the ‘Modula sofa’. This is a modular model with soft shapes and high, welcoming backrests and is made up of elements in three different widths that make it possible to create infinite combinations. In fact you might say that it offers the same sense of continuous discovery as that of any exhibition of young talent. Alongside the ‘Modula’, there are also our colourful armchairs ‘Delizia’ and ‘Deliziante’.

When singers express their creativity in the recording studio, they can always count on a valuable ally of comfort – the ‘U’Strozz’. This ‘takeaway’ footstool features a refined design and an innovative concept as it is made with production waste that makes it an eco-sustainable product. Alongside the ‘U’Strozz’ and the ‘Mater Familias’ bench, the ‘Venere’ sofa (in its mini version) accompanies the contestants followed by Mika.

calia italia divano venere mini

Indeed the list goes on and on as the programme also includes the ‘Hotel’ and ‘Deliziosa’ armchairs, the ‘Mater Familias’ benches and many ‘U’Strozz’ footstools – all providing moments of relaxation and sharing 24 hours a day to the talents of X Factor 2021. What’s more is that these models are seen in fabric, red suede, ochre fabric, leather, olive fabric, moss fabric and ecru fabric… not to mention a riot of colours, shapes and coverings to narrate every moment of this fantastic adventure.

“For our founder, sofas hold a special meaning. On a sofa it is possible to stop, to rest. It is a place where it is possible to develop ideas, chase dreams and plan dreams” (Saverio Calia, General Manager Marketing and Development).

This is our wish for these young contestants – that they dream big and know how to defend their dreams.